Ali and Katja Workshops

Hiring Ali&Katja for a workshop: If you click through the different tabs bellow you can get all the information you need about hiring us for a workshop. After reading through this, all you have to do is to email us at!


Part 1:  – Information we (you and us) need to make a decision of working together:

Your event, your idea:

Please tell us more about what your camp is all about. Your answers can help us prepare suitable material that will help you reach your goals with your camp :

  • Who do you hope to have as participants. For example, it makes a difference if there are “hard-core” Lindy hop addicts who want very nerdy details or a more relaxed audience that mostly see the dance as a hobby.
  • Are there specific themes or topics you want us to include in the classes?
  • What size of classes and parties are you hoping to get?


Part 2:  – Teaching Compensation

Because we are both organizers and international teachers, we understand the stress and demands that you have as an organizer. This is why we are always open to ideas and suggestions on how to adapt the compensation plans to something that can work for all of us. Generally, our price for 2016 is 220€/hour for us as couple for regular dance classes. We ask for 120 €/hour per person for Solo classes.

Included in this price you will get:

  • A recap video with explanations of the most important technique points at the end of each class
  • One audition to split the levels
  • One teachers performance (social dance or show)
  • One competition judging (e.g. Jack and Jill or Strictly)
  • If you don’t have a VAT number, we will absorb the costs from our side so you don’t have more costs. However, if you do have a VAT number we include the VAT on top as you’ll get it back.

We would appreciate to have a minimum of 8 hours of classes for one week-end. Usually we teach between 4-5 hours per day. If you need us to teach less or more, please let us know in advance.

If there is anything you are wondering about or if you have any special requests, please email us.
Let us know what works for you and how we can help you make your event great.

PART 3: Promotion material that you can use


When you click on the link below, you should see a folder with many promotional pictures. Feel free to use any of these pictures – we own the rights to all of these pictures. If you have a special wish of style that would match a theme, or a different format for flyers or website etc. please let us know and we will do our best to find a suitable picture.


We are very happy with our European Swing Dance Championship videos where we placed 2nd in the All-star couples competition.

You can use this video from ESDC:

If you need more or something different, please let us know.


It was love at first dance: Ali&Katja have been dancing together ever since they met on a Paris dance floor in 2003. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, they are working to spread the Lindy Hop through their teaching teams in Heidelberg, Darmstadt and Berlin and with their own travelling to teach workshops around Europe.

Ali&Katja are best known for their technical yet accessible teaching. Their goal is to build upon and expand what you already know about the dance rather than to try to change you. Their very clear step by step “how to” instructions help you learn and practise in a focused way, so you can transfer your new skills onto the social dance floor right away.

In their classes, you’ll also get the tools how to practice and tell yourself if you’re “doing it right” outside the classroom. This way, you can continue to improve and practice on your own and take your dancing to the next level.

Facebook & Other Promotion:

We are happy to help you promote the event. If there is a Facebook group, page or event that we should “like” or “attend” just sent the link to us. If you have an online or print flyer we can try to spread that around in our newsletters as well as bringing them to camps. People laugh and tease us whenever we put out 10 different flyers at an event… but it does make a difference for our partners.

You can send your flyers to:

Ali Taghavi
Am Kronenburger Hof 3
69221 Dossenheim

PART 4: Travelling and other practical information

Travelling by Plane:

We live in Heidelberg which is very close to the Frankfurt international airport. Usually, Lufthansa flights anywhere in Europe costs ca 100 – 300€/person if booked in time. So our travelling costs usually do not exceed 250€ – 400€ for our organizers.

When we take a flight from Frankfurt, we either need to drive and park our car there or take a shuttle bus from Heidelberg to get to the airport. In either case, our costs of getting to the airport are around 100 euro. This is why we will add 100 Euro to our traveling costs on the invoice.

We are travelling a lot recently and buying our tickets ourselves ahead of time can put a big strain our personal budget. Therefore, we currently prefer it if you buy the flight tickets for us. We are happy to make suggestions for suitable flights so you don’t have to ask back too many times before you can book the tickets. Be assured that we will always keep an eye on the budget when looking for travelling options.

We hope this can work for you. if not, please let us know.

We know that the flight tickets vary dramatically depending on what day, what time and if its a direct flight or not. We want to find a win-win solution here. We don’t want you to pay a lot more just to save us a bit of energy. However, here are a few things to think about when looking for your flights.

  • So far we have lost our luggage at 3 different occasions when we had a stopover flight. That breaks down to about 50% chance of not getting our luggage in time. This is why a direct flight is prefered.
  • We have two dogs, whenever we fly, we drop them off at a dog hotel. This means that it takes us about 3 hours of “getting to the airport”. A flight in the afternoon or evening makes it much easier for us on the way there and a return flight in the morning. If we are in Frankfurt before 14:00, we still have a chance to pick them up on that day and save 60 Euro of dog hotel.
  • Getting to the Ryanair airport takes over 2,5 hours (plus an extra day of dog care) from Heidelberg and low cost flights are generally more exhausting than regular ones. Taking this into account and knowing that the low cost airlines charge extra for every little bit, we have found that a low cost flight at 49 Euro plus transport plus luggage etc effectively costs the same as a Lufthansa flight of 140 Euro – with the difference being that we will be much more relaxed and happy after the Lufthansa flight 🙂

Travelling by Car:

If the driving distance is under 7 hours we can alternatively take the car to your event. Sometimes, this is the cheaper option. The added value is that we have our own car on the spot and are more flexible to get back and forth between venues etc. You can calculate how much taking the car would cost by looking up the driving distance from “Am Kronenburger hof 3, 69221 Dossenheim, Germany” to your venue on Google maps. Then take the number of kilometers that it shows and calculate 30 cents per km to get your one-way price.

For example: a workshop in Berlin

Drive from: Am Kronenburger Hof 3, Dossenheim, Germany
To: Rudolfstraße 1, Berlin, Germany
Total one way distance: 636 Km
Travelling cost would then be: 636 km * 0,3 Euro * 2 = 381,6 Euro for the two of us.

This covers for gas and car usage. Please note, that this does not cover for highway fees where applicable.


Both private hosting or Hotel is fine by us. Please let us know what the plans are in advanced so that we know what to pack.

We are most happy when we have our own room with a door to close for some privacy and resting time. Also, just like any other Lindy hopper – or maybe even more – we love to have internet access to share with the world how awesome your event is and to keep our business running.

And: it really makes a difference if the class and teaching venues are close-by (e.g. max 20 min walking distance) – this way, we have more energy for your students instead of commuting.


We do have a few allergies and restrictions allergies that make it hard for us to eat just anything.

We are both allergic towards: gluten (in wheat and other grains) and soy. But we always bring our own gluten-free bread and other basic stuff as usually it’s hard to get.

We try to avoid Sugar due to dietary reasons 😉

For breakfast Ali usually eats fruits and fried eggs. Katja usually has some form of breakfast meat and cheese with her gluten-free bread.

Water and fruit juice AND tea/coffee is perfect for us.

Private classes:

We prefer not to teach privates on teaching days as we would like to have energy for the main classes and the socials. However, if we are visiting for longer, we can hold privates if requested.

For private classes we charge 100€ for 60 minutes. This also includes a “homework” recap video where you can film us showing what you have learned as well as what you should work on specifically. Please bring a dance partner (or dance assistant). We will work with you (and your partner) in a way that you sometimes dance together, and sometimes you’ll dance with Ali or Katja.

If there is anything you are wondering about or if you have any special requests, please email us.

Big hugs,

Ali and Katja